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The forum has been very quiet lately....Anyway I've given HK with the Big Block a run on the strip. It was at the late October street meet in Mildura, I was hoping to run a 6.70 but only managed a 6.90.
I had a few new combo bugs, my fuel pump was a bit undersized for my combo and the car ran out of fuel just before the finish line, layed over big time. I've installed and new Aeromotive A2000 fuel pump and -10 fuel line so It should have ample fuel supply now.
Also I could'nt get a good stable ignition timing as I'm running a gear drive on the cam (its and Edelbrock one with duel idler's) and there is a fair amount of slop between the cam and crank, (wouldn't do cam timing any favours either). I only used the gear drive as it came with the motor and seemed like a good idea at the time. I have a new JP chain ready to install.
I'm still having problems with the piston dome's hitting the spark plug electrodes and closing the plug gaps. I'll be getting some indexing washers and indexing the plugs.
I hope to have the new timing chain on and plugs indexed in time for the Feb 6th street meet in Mildura.
On a positive note the car performed really well, it had good oil pressure, didn't over heat and with the extra stiffness the roll cage has provided it launched and drove straighter then it ever has.
I hope to get some improvement next time out....

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